To promote the inclusion of visible minorities in workplaces and the society through mentorship.


A world that thrives through the contribution of everyone





Tasneem Rahim


Tasneem is a Mining Engineer currently working in the Alberta Oil Sands. She is a graduate of McGill University and has been working in the resource sector since, after starting her career in gold mining in Northern Ontario . 

Tasneem is also the board president of Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta and a mother of a 4-year-old boy. She likes to travel, engage in fine arts and read during her leisure.

Allan Kozachuk

B.Admin, M.Admin

Allan has worked within the Human Resources field for 35 years and in Academia for over 10 years. 

He has experience in all aspects of Human Resources; however, his main areas of expertise are in job evaluation, labor relations and HR Planning, Strategic and operational planning. 

He obtained both his Bachelors and Masters Degree from the University of Regina. 

Allan currently teaches Human Resources Management to post secondary students and volunteers his time to coaching on interviewing skills and office etiquette


Dr. Wale Afolabi


Dr Afolabi is a specialist physician and associate clinical professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of Saskatchewan. He was trained in Ireland, Nigeria and Canada. He is a physician, entrepreneur, musician and public speaker. 

He has a passion to mentor young people, provide mental health support to visible minorities and career support to aspiring physicians and resident doctors. In his spare time, he enjoys music, sports and travelling.

David Ojemakinde


David Ojemakinde has a degree in Industrial and Production Engineering with a focus on Operations Research and Operations Management. 

He has established himself as a Management, Process and Technology consultant with many of the Fortune 500 companies, such as Accenture, Nestle, Shell Group, TC Energy etc. He has his footprints in many industries across the globe. 

David believes there is always a better way to doing anything. His passion, training and attitude focuses only on driving and delivering value. As a community organizer, David has a passion for bringing people together for a good course, and he believes there is always a better way to do anything. He enjoys teaching, cooking and loves to travel the world. 

Ola Ijaduola

M.Sc P.Eng.

Ola is a Mechanical Engineer working in the oil sands of Northern Alberta. He has worked in 7 countries in various engineering fields both onshore and offshore.

Ola has a Bachelors degree from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology and a Masters Degree from the Robert Gordon University Aberdeen. 

He is also a multi-instrumentalist but enjoys the saxophone the most. 

He is excited about the prospects of mentoring others.

Dr Hatem Sadek


Dr Sadek started his career as a medical doctor in Egypt in 1985 and has since moved into organizational and human resources management. A graduate of the Wayne State University USA, He is a specialized in HR, Training and Consulting with different organizations. 

He is also Prosci Change Management certified and a certified Project Management professional with over 20 years of experience in various human resource functions across diverse organizational domains.

Dr Sadek is currently the Associate vice president consultant at Qatar University, he was Director of Human Resources, Keyano College.

Our Programs


Our team of corporate professionals in diverse fields are invested in taking adequate steps to showing you the ropes.


Direction is not as easy as the GPS makes it feel especially in a different terrain. Social mentorship will guide you through various aspects of the society.


Our Programs present opportunities for mentors and mentees to mingle and have one-on-one conversations that develop into lifelong relationships.


We are consistently agile in our training plans. We provide relevant, current and nurturing training to our mentees in accordance with our mission and values.


Nubian Project is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on social and career mentorship for young people who are visible minorities, with an aim to promote inclusion.

Nubian Project was founded in 2017 with Inclusivity at its focus. Recognizing that minorities face the greatest challenge in accessing mentors on their path to success. We seek to provide specialized mentorship programs in select professions to guide our applicants into a more accessible and successful future. Our targets are students in post secondary institutions to early years in their career life.

Over the years, we have served as mentors to young people from various parts of the world, we share our experiences of successes and failures, so our failures are not repeated, and our successes are reinvented.

Our stories span people like Precious who immigrated from USA in 2017, to Lola from Nigeria, Alice from Zimbabwe, Sarah from the Philippines, Sonya from Uganda, Arvinder from India, the list goes on.

Our mentors are a team of volunteers, who have successfully carved a niche in their sectors and consists of Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, HR professionals, instructors, Students, Pharmacists and so on.

Whatever their path, we want to help young visible minorities find qualified mentors to guide them as they navigate for success and we hope they will carry it forward because they matter, and they can make a difference.

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If this idea sounds like you, if you have some time to invest in others, if you want to learn from leaders in your field, then we will like to hear from you!